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The recommended training period for our dogs is one to two months for basic obedience and/or retrieving skills. Gun dog training takes three to four months, depending on the dog's ability.

You may visit your dog after three weeks, by appointment. We encourage you to make an appointment monthly to visit your dog, assess the training and receive some coaching on your own work with him or her.

We take great pride in our training, and we work with your dog daily to provide notable results. However, it's important to remember that the training is only as good as the hunting experience your dog receives afterward. Only when you take your dog hunting regularly and provide birds to be retrieved can your dog develop--and remain at--his greatest potential.

At Shady Grove Kennels, I believe in bringing out a dog's greatest potential. While there is a discipline to the sport of retrieving, it's important the dog has fun with his task and, most importantly, that he and his master have a true companionship. I focus on training the dog to his or her ultimate ability, but I also try to help the owner learn how to reinforce and build on the dog's knowledge once the training is completed.

Ricky Coward, owner and trainer


A Few Requirements
To board or train at the kennels, we request a document indicating that the dog is current with its vaccines and has had a kennel cough vaccine. By doing so, we hope to protect all of our dogs from these types of diseases, and we will know they are in good training health. If you have any questions or problems concerning the vaccines, please feel free to discuss them when you call.


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